Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Cantaloupe Seed Milk and Cantaloupe Smoothie דינקע שוימקע מיט דינקע־קערן מילך

 Last year at around this time I was all in a tizzy about toasted cantaloupe seeds and cantaloupe seed milk.

Somehow I neglected to post the the recipe calling out from between the pixels, a vegan cantaloupe smoothie made with cantaloupe seed milk and cantaloupe pulp.  

You can of course make a cantaloupe smoothie with any kind of milk, or use cantaloupe seed milk with any kind of fruit.

All Cantaloupe Smoothie

Pulp from one cantaloupe

Milk made from cantaloups seeds

honey or date honey or sugar to taste

Blend fruit, milk, and honey if desired.  Enjoy the last golden moments of summer.

 smoothie. שוימקע


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