Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dysfunctional Cake Thoughts

Is there any reason I should be holding onto my set of Wilton checkerboard cake pans? I have used it once in about seventeen years. I guess the central separator device would work if you used it in your regular nine-inch cake pans, but the pans that come with the set do not have vertical sides! To reproduce the cake in the photo, you will have to shave quit a bit of excess cake off the sides. Ooh, I just hate that. The suggested recipe on the box was undistinguished, and I see the current Wilton website has a slightly more chocolaty, but still undistinguished version.

I am going to make Maida Heatter’s Buttermilk Chocolate Layer Cake to banish the memory of this stupid cake from my brain. Why is it haunting me now?


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