Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sour Cream or Apple Sauce?

Both! Make your own sauce:

Apple (or Apple-Quince) Sauce

5 apples, different kinds, some sweeter, some sour

If you can find one, one quince




Peel the apples but leave the reddest one unpeeled (one peel will make the sauce nice and pink, more than one is too much). Peel the quince. Cut the fruit up into little pieces. Place in a saucepan and add water about 1/3 to 1/2 way up. Cook and stir to desired degree of sauciness. Add sugar to taste and butter if desired (and when is butter not desired?).

That’s a quince up there, can you tell? They are very hard and you can’t eat them raw, but they contribute a wonderfully heady fragrance to applesauce. Adding a pear is nice too.

Here are Natasha’s instructions on How to Grate Potatoes



Blogger zoe p. said...

is that a quince? if so, i think i put some in a kind of apple pear quince berry crumble thing i made this fall. i found them on my neighbors tree and i thought they were pears . . . they were so good and made the dish taste not at all like apple pie, which i hate.

i bought fat free greek yogurt for my in-laws' latkes this year and everyone ate it as if it were sour cream . . . i like the yogurt - it's not an annoying low fat substitute, it's a good food.

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