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אינעם נײַעם נומער פֿאָרװערטס שרײַבט שׂרה־רחל שעכטער װעגן װי מיקראָכװאַלניק־קאָקאָשעס קאָנען ענק איבערפּעקלען אױף יענער־װעלט, אױב עץ האָט נאָך געװאָלט הערן װײַטער אַ טעם פֿאַרװאָס נישט צו „קאָכן“ מיט די אָ שרעקלעכע כּלי־מװת.
קאָקאָשעס קאָן מען בעסער, גרינגער, און גיכער מאַכן אין אַ טאָפּ. עץ װײסט שױן װאָס הײסט אַ טאָפּ? אַ טאָפּ זעט אױס אַזױ. פֿראַגעס?

גיסט'ץ אָן אַ ביסל בױמל אין טאָפּ. גיט'ץ צו גענוג קאָקאָשעס זײ זאָלן באַדעקן דעם פֿלאַך, אָבער נישט מער.
דעקט'ץ צו דעם טאָפּ, און שטעלט אים איבערן פֿלאַם. עץ װעט באַלד הערן מוזיק פֿון די טאַנצנדיקע קאָקאָשעס. גיט'ץ אַ מאָל אַ שאָקל דעם טאָפּ. נאָך אַ צװײ־דרײַ מינוט, װען עץ הערט מער נישט קײן קלאַנגען, זענען זײ גרײט. עץ מעגט צוגעבן פּוטער און זאַלץ אױף װיפֿל עץ װילט.
איך האָב זיך הײַנט דערמאָנט אין „פֿאַרמער בױ(Farmer Boy)” אין װעלכן אונדזער העלד טראַכט װעגן קאָקאָשעס׃
Almanzo and sat on the footstool by the stove, an apple in his hand, a bowl of popcorn by his side, and his mug of cider on the hearth by his feet. He bit the juicy apple, then he ate some popcorn, then he took a drink of cider. He thought about popcorn.
Popcorn is American. Nobody but the Indians ever had popcorn, till after the Pilgrim fathers came to America. On the first Thanksgiving Day, the Indians were invited to dinner, and they came, and they poured out on the table a big bagful of popcorn. The Pilgrim Fathers didn't know what it was. The Pilgrim Mothers didn’t know, either. The Indians had popped it, but it probably wasn't very good. Probably they didn't butter it or salt it, and it would be cold and tough after they had carried it around in a bag of skins.
Almanzo looked at every kernel before he ate it. They were all different shapes. He had eaten thousands of handfuls of popcorn, and never found two kernels alike. Then he thought that if he had some milk, he would have popcorn and milk.
You can fill a glass full to the brim with milk, and fill another glass of the same size brim full of popcorn, and then you can put all the popcorn kernel by kernel into the milk, and the milk will not run over. You cannot do this with bread. Popcorn and milk are the only two things that will go into the same place.

קאָקאָשעס מיט מילך
פֿילט אָן אײן שיסל מיט קאָקאָשעס און אַ צװײטן מיט מילך. שיט אַרײַן די קאָקאָשעס, אײנע מיט אַ מאָל, אין מילך אַרײַן.
גײ װײס! עס אַרבעט!
Wow, it works! The popcorn dissolves in milk almost like Styrofoam in acetone. It makes a delicious bowl of cold cereal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Eve-- this is the most
"mudneh" of all your posts-- HOWEVER-- in my previous Scarsdale life I had a Shabbos friend and she would always serve me homemade popcorn with LOTS of oil and salt (YUM!) and I washed it down with icy cold Manischewitz Malaga.
Oy-- what a great Shabbos!
xxxLisa Mayer
PS: Great dancing with you yesterday!

11:15 PM  

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