Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Cook Part II: Chefs, Bakers, Doctors, and Lawyers

TBTAM had a very funny post recently about similarities between chefs and doctors. I like number 11: Clogs. We love 'em.

This reminded me of a conversation I had about twelve years ago, when I was still working full-time as a baker. I was teaching at a folk arts festival, at which one is meeting many new people and trying to remember who they are. One day at lunch I sat down next to a jolly old bean. The following is verbatim:

Old Bean: So, You’re a lawyer.

Chocolate Lady: Hm? Ah, no; not I.

OB: Something like that, then?

CL: I’m a baker.

OB: Why did I think you were a lawyer?

CL: I don’t know

OB: Well, lawyers and bakers must have something in common.

CL: Assuredly they must.

OB: Like what for instance?

CL: (After a moment) Tortes!

I just had to tell you about that since never before or since has the right word occurred to me at just the right time.

There is a common Yiddish saying

אײדער דעם דאָקטאָר, בעסער דעם בעקער.

which means it is better to spend money at the baker’s place than at the doctor’s.


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