Friday, March 23, 2007

Roses of Brooklyn (Passover Rosewater Extract)

Wednesday I went to the Holon supermarket on King’s Highway in Brooklyn, where I found some teeny-tiny little ½-ounce jars of kosher-for-Passover rose water extract and orange flower water extract. The grocer explained that I should use just a drop of extract in a recipe that would call for a tablespoon of rose water. I have been hoping to find something like this for years. If I were to assess the effectiveness of my shopping trips on an ounce-per-mile basis, then today’s trip would be a very inefficient trip indeed. On a coolness-per-mile basis, however, I think I did pretty well.

I first learned about Holon and the other grocery stores on King’s Highway from Ilana Goldberg’s amazing and very funny short movie Makolet. If your library has a copy and you have twenty-four minutes, you don’t want to miss what may be my very favorite food movie in the world.

I am planning to use orange flower water extract in an orange almond cake, and the rose in a carrot and pistachio halva.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had dinner at Ilana Goldberg's place last friday and I wanted to add a comment that she not only is responsible for the best food movie in the world but is also an unbelievable cook too! HAg Sameach - Michaloosheeda

6:09 PM  
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