Saturday, March 10, 2007

די צײַט לוִיפֿט

Burekaboy has a thoughtful take on cleaning up for peysekh, the joyous holiday moving towards us as inexorably as Goldfinger’s laser device towards James Bond’s central axis. Watch this space for this year’s Survival Guide, coming soon.

װען ניט פּסח, װאָלטן די שליאָכעס אַװעקגעשװוּמען.

Were it not for Passover, the untidy would be overwhelmed.

װען נישט דער ליבער פּסח, װאָלטן מיר קײן מאָל נישט פֿון דער בלאָטע אַרױס.

If not for our beloved Passover, we would never crawl out of the mud.


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