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Vanilla-Scented Bourbon בראָנפֿן מיט װאַניל

קאָן זײַן אַז איך בין אַ ביסל צו צאַרטפֿיליק, אָבער עס טוט מיר טאַקע װײ אַז מען זאָגט אַז װאַניל איז פּראָסט אָדער פּשוט. װאָס גײט זײ אָן?

אַז עץ האָט שײטלעך װאַניל פֿון מאַכן מאָראָזשנע, אָדער פֿערשקע־זופּ, אָדער עפּעס אַזױנס, קאָנט עץ אײַנװײקן אין קענטאָקעװער בראָנפֿן (װיסקי). עס לאָזט זיך אין מױל אַרײַן. עס איז גאָרנישט פּראָסט אָדער פּשוט אין דעם.

בראָנפֿן מיט װאַניל

1 פֿלאַש קענטאָקי אָדער טענעסי בראָנפֿן

3 שױן אױסגעקרײצטע שײטלעך װאַניל

װײקט'ץ אײַן די שײטלך אין בראָנפֿן אײן מעת־לעת (24 שעה)

מען קאָן נאָך נוצן די שײטלעך אין װאַניל־צוקער.

Perhaps I am a little too fragile, but I feel just terrible when folks refer to vanilla as “plain.” What could they be thinking?

When you have vanilla pods left from making ice cream or gaspeacho, you can use them to make some wonderful vanilla-infused bourbon. Use the bourbon in recipes, or enjoy as is. There is nothing plain about it.

Vanilla-Scented Bourbon

1 bottle bourbon or Tennessee whiskey

3 scraped vanilla pods, rinsed and dried

Infuse the pods in the whiskey 24 hours. Rinse and dry the pods and add them to your vanilla sugar.

Other perfumed creations are to be found at Weekend Herb Blogging, wafting towards us this week from Anna’s Cool Finds.


small pod, matrimonial wig

װאָס גײט זײ אָן?

What could they be thinking?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is more or less how vanilla extract is made, but so much nicer with the bourbon! And vanilla is so expensive, we should save every bit of it.

I agree about the wonderful qualities of vanilla. My daughter clued me in to a trick for making plainer baked goods taste fancier- double or even triple the amount of vanilla in the recipe. It is almost impossible to add too much, unless it's enough to screw up the solid-liquid ratios. But it can get very expensive.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Kalyn Denny said...

Very interesting idea. I do agree with the previous commenter that nearly everything that has vanilla tastes better with even more vanilla. I have some vanilla beans but haven't used them yet!

11:42 AM  
Blogger Anna Haight said...

Great idea! It sounds delish! Thanks for participating!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Laurie Constantino said...

Bourbon and vanilla - you could make some very fine cakes with that combination. Thanks for the creative idea!

4:50 AM  
Blogger the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

If I were making homemade extract, I would start with whole, unused beans, scrape them into the whiskey, and infuse them I think three months.

I am not sure I agree about increasing vanilla in some recipes. Maybe with beans, but I don't like for things to taste to extract-y, and I leave vanilla entirely out of clafoutis, rice pudding, and any number of other things where I think the ingredients should have a chance to sing on their own. Some bakeries use vanilla the way some folks use ketchup.
good luck with your beans!
anna and laurie,

many thanks!

6:47 PM  

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