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Nut terminology נוס־לעקסיקאָגראַפֿיע

דער בױם

Tree boym

דער נוס

Nut nus

דער פֿאָכער

Fan fokher

דער בלאַט

Leaf blat

דער פֿאָכערבלאַט

Ginkgo fokherblat

פֿאָכערבלאַט ניס

Ginkgo nuts fokherblat nis

דער מאַנדל

Almond mandl

װעלשענע ניס

Walnuts velshene nis

האַזע ניס

Hazelnuts haze nis

חזיר ניס

Acorns khazer nis


Peanuts stashkes


Pistachios fistashkes

די שאָל

Shell shol (or sholekhts)

דאָס שאָלעכץ

Husk sholekhts

דאָס נוספֿלײש

Nut-meat nusfleysh

דאָס פֿרוכטפֿלײש

Pulp frukhtfleysh

די הױט

Skin hoyt

דאָס הײַטל

Membrane haytl


To shell opsheyln


To decorticate anthaytlen

די װעװערקע

Squirrel veverke

דער װעװעריק

Chipmunk veverik

דאָס קנאַקניסל

Nutcracker knaknisl

רוף מיך קנאַקניסל און פֿיר מיך אין נתנה־תּוקף

“Call me a nut-cracker and take me to ‘Nesane-toykef’”

ruf mikh knaknisl un fir mikh in nesane-toykef

“Unesane –Tokef” or Netane Tokef, is one of the central prayers of the Jewish High Holy Days. It contains the line “On Rosh-HaShana (Rosheshone) it is written, and on Yom Kipur (Yonkiper) it is sealed.

This expression could best be translated as “So sue me” or “Tell it to the Judge”


Anonymous Ven Mum said...

What a beautiful conceit -- We start out with nutshells full of meat, and then, at the bottom, as we emerge, we find that while we were filling up with knowledge, the nuts were being put to their proper use too.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Litvak said...

Yaser keyach.

Nice and informative post.

I find it interesting to examine the terms too and think about their etymology and background.

For example, limoshol, Ginkgo trees are called Fan leaf (trees). Their scientific name is Ginkgo biloba - Ginkgo is derived from Chinese I think and I think biloba means two lobes - that the leaves often (most of time?) have two lobes.

Acorns are called chazer nis (pig nuts) because people don't eat them, just animals usually.

Velshener nis for Walnuts (Welsh nuts? related to Wales?)? Not Wald nuts (Vald nis) (forest nuts) I guess.

Knok nisl (nut knocker) for nutcracker. Interesting.

Yaser keyach!

P.S. But I don't think they had ginkgo nuts in 'der alter heim', unless they were Chinese Yidden maybe. ;-)

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

טייערע איוו
א שיינעם דאנק פארן שיינעם וועבזייטל. סתם א צוגאב: "גן-עדן סעמיטשקעס", איז דאס ירושלימע ווארט (ירושלימער יידיש) פאר דאס וואס אויף כלל יידיש איז פיסטאטשקעס.
א גוטע וואך,


5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:30 PM  

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