Wednesday, September 25, 2013

‏װאָס צו טאָן מיט ענקערע אתרוגים ‏ What to do with your Esrik

In years past I have had, with great regret, to advise that you not eat your esrik.  But until now I had not offered a compelling alternative.

Our long national nightmare is over. It turns out that capaybaras just love steamy hot etrog-scented baths.  If you do not have a capybara, you may indulge in an esrik bath for yourself, just the ticket after weeks of relentless merrymaking.

And have a look at our seasonal stuffed cabbage.
קול מבשר מבשר ואומר

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Anonymous VenMum said...

I am very, very happy to have seen the capybaras celebrating the season of our rejoicing with us. I especially liked the bit about the one who was shaking water off him. Or her. So may they multiply.

6:51 PM  

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