Saturday, March 11, 2006

Read Cookbooks

La Lecture (1869-70) by Berthe Morisot

I am grateful to Marian the Librarian for bringing to my attention The Digested Read, which provides very funny and consistently alarmingly accurate synopses of recent books, including most delightfully such cookbooks as Jamie Oliver’s Italy (“But most of all I love the food. It's so localised, it's villagional.”), Gordon Ramsay Makes it Easy (nothing that can be quoted in a family blog), a book I had not previously heard of called Food Heroes (“Want to make an ordinary salad look poncey? Just chuck in a few dandelions and cobnuts.”), and Delia (“Do you have a well-stocked cupboard? You don't want to be caught out. I was once about to make a cake when I was absolutely horrified to discover that my mixed spice was a year out of date. So give your fruit liqueurs and vinegars to the church bazaar and stock up.”)

I am especially tickled by their version of Harry potter 5.

While we’re on book reviews, I recommend The Complete Review, also from the UK, even though they don’t do cookbooks. TCR takes on a small number of titles, but then they collate every review you might want to see.


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