Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yu Choi and the One-Handed Cook

There are many things to love about yu choi, , but here’s one that might not be immediately obvious. Because the stems are so tender, you can clean, cook, serve, and eat yu choi with one hand. Most of you do not have any need for recipes one can prepare one-handedly and I hope very much that you never will, but just in case, this is something to keep in mind. About two years ago I had an operation on my right hand and had it not been for yu choi I might have had nothing but caffè latte and pizza for the two weeks until my cast came off. Maybe that would not have been so bad. I just found out I may have to go through all this again, but at least this time I will be armed (armed!) with some recipes friendly to the mono-manual.
Yu Choi with Walnut and Garlic sauce
1 or 2 bunches yu choi or other tender greens
1 cup shelled walnuts
1 bunch parsley (about 1 cup minced leaves)
3-7 coves garlic
Wash the greens and trim the bottoms if they are a bit rough, but otherwise leave the vegetables whole. Cook them for about 7 minutes in boiling salted water. If you will be making pasta as well, you can cook it in the pot-liquor.
Toast the walnuts in a moderate oven (350 F) for fifteen minutes. Grind the walnuts in a grinder or processor with the peeled garlic cloves and chopped parsley leaves. Add salt to taste and enough pot liquor to reach the desired consistency. Toss the yu choi with the walnut sauce. Serve this on its own or over or alongside some wonderful noodles to catch every drop of the nut sauce. I encourage you to eat the yu choi with your fingers so that your one-handed hostess will feel at ease eating with hers.
See Sweetnicks for more choices for variously-abled vegetable-lovers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Yu Choi but this sounds delicious! I think the sauce would be great paired with any number of greens (and pasta!).

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