Friday, June 23, 2006

װעגן דער היץ

A few more colorful Yiddish expressions about hot weather:

װאַרעם װי די זון
Warm like the sun

װי קױלן
Like coals

װי אין באָד אױף דער אײבערשטער באַנק
Like on the top bench in a steam bath

װי אין אַן אױער
Like in an ear (!)

װי אונטער אַ פּערענע
Like under a featherbed

װי אין אַ װאַטאָװן לײַבל
Like in a padded union-suit

װי אין פּױשטן
Like in felt

װי אין אַ פּאָסעכע
Like during a drought

װי פֿײַער װאָלט געפֿאַלן פֿון הימל
As if fire had fallen from heaven

עס איז קײן טראָפּ לופֿט נישטאָ
There is not a drop of air

מען קען צעגאַנגען װערן
You could melt

װאָס עס גײט אַװעק װינטער אױף הײצונג גײט אַװעק זומער אױף נאַרישקײטן.

What you spend in the winter on heat, you spend in the summer on stupidity.

I especially like that last one. Not sure what it means.


Anonymous josh waxman said...

perhaps in the context of this last quote, "narishkeit" means silliness as in recreational activities?


4:22 PM  
Blogger the chocolate lady said...

Josh Waxman,

Yes, this is almost certainly what it means. I still like the literal translation, though, because it sounds do much like things people in my family would have said.

4:29 PM  

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