Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Food and Music; Music About Food

I just heard this show on the radio about the secret culinary lives of rock stars. I have not yet seen the book, but it sounds like it may be more interesting than your typical celebrity-compilation cookbook (and even the most wretched of these have amazing gems--that might be something to examine some day). This is from the Jessica's Biscuit website:

Some recipes are inspired by a particular song in the band’s repertoire, others are taken from real-life experience. Each one bears the often quirky stamp of its source -- while these are thoroughly tested, cook-from-me recipes, Zuaro has left the musicians’ wording and instructions intact, which makes for a collection that’s as much fun to read as it is to use. For example, from Devendra Banhart’s contribution:

RIGHT ON!!!!!! here is my favorite recipe for: AFRICANAS RICAS! you shall require! I>many bananas! I>a box of graham crackers!!! I>two eggs!!! I>SOUR CREAM!! I>HONEY!

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