Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Renken Dairy, Williamsburgh Brooklyn


Anonymous yaffa glass said...

may I congratulate you on the wonderful photography in the previous entry to your blog. May I also queery the spelling of chocolate in Hebrew. I think it should be שוקולד

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Nomi said...

Yaffa--in Yiddish it's definitely שאָקאָלאַד. The fact that she combines it with מרת to make "Chocolate Lady" in Yiddish should not be worrisome. In principle, as my wonderful Yiddish teacher Yitskhok Niborski told me, every Hebrew word is potentially a Yiddish word. "Derfar iz Yidish nokh raykher vi Hebreish," I remember him saying, "vayl zi hot ir eygene verter un oykh di verter fun Hebreish."

5:30 PM  

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