Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watch 'em All קוק זײ אַלע אָן


Cabbage Strudel
קרױט שטרודל
kroyt shtrudl

Flavored Vodka and Nut Cake
געװירצטע װאָדקע און נוסטאָרט
gevirtste vodke un nustort

Honey Cake and Roasted Trout
האָניק לעקעך און געבראָטנע סטראָנגע
honik lekekh un gebrotene stronge

Sorrel Soup and Matzo Meal Pancakes
שטשאַװ און כרמסלעך
shtshav un khremslekh

Mamelige and Popcorn
מאמעליגע און קאָקאָשעס
mamelige un kokoshes

Sour Cherry Dumplings
װאַרניקעס װײַנשל
varenikes fun vaynshl

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guinness Eggcream

Fill a tall glass 5/8 full with whole milk. Add chocolate syrup or agave, but DO NOT STIR. Fill the glass to the top with Guinness. Stir with four short straight strokes. This is not nearly as crazy as you are thinking.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Rabbits, 兔, העזעלעך, קניגלעך

Image from Barcelona Hagaddah, mid-14th century, reproduced from Dreams of Subversion in Medieval Jewish Art and Literature Marc Michael Epstein, University Park: Penn State Press, 1997

גוט חודש Gut khoydesh, happy new moon and a joyous and auspicious New Year of the Rabbit to all In Mol Araan. Adar, (Oder or Uder in Yiddish) is an especially joyous month, in spite of the saying אָדר ניע ברודער Uder nye Bruder "Adar is no brother" referring to the cold, slushy, and generally miserable weather we are likely enough to face at this time of year.

This is a good time to recall that rabbits are positively hopping with significance in Jewish art, most notably in hagaddahs, in which we see rabbits employing their skill and speed to evade the fierce hounds who pursue them. In Dreams of Subversion in Medieval Jewish Art and Literature, Marc Michael Epstein explains the subversive nature of some of these illustrations, like the amazing picture reproduced above in which a repentant hound serves wine to an enthroned rabbit. Take that, dawgs!
Prague Hagaddah 1526, reproduced from Epstein

And, speaking of Hagaddahs, I'm sure I hardly need remind you that the joyous holiday of Passover is hurtling toward us like a pack of ravenous hounds and we must need employ all our skill and speed to prepare.
hoz hare

hezele little hare, bunny

kinigl rabbit

tu4zi rabbit