Tuesday, May 14, 2013

‏װידער געפֿילטע ‏ Gefilte Redux ‏

I am all but certain that all the other Yiddish vegetarian Jewish food bloggers will corroborate that the most requested, coveted, and yearned for vegetarian adaptation is for gefilte fish (‏געפֿילטע פֿיש ).  In the recipes posted here and here I followed Lena Braun's suggestion to use salsify, or as she calls it ‏ אױסטער־פּלענט ‏(oyster-plent).  We couldn't find any salsify ‏in time to shoot this video, and first tried Braun's back-up suggestion of cauliflower.  The cauliflower fish was fine, but not really as smashing as the salsify version.  Finally we hit upon the parsnip and cauliflower combination, which provides salsify-worthy verisimilitude with ingredients you can find at a moment's notice.

 For the Joyous holiday of Shvies (the best yontif) have a look at our blintz episode.  Recipes here and here.

And do have a listen to the Tablet magazine Shvies podcast  here.

I have nothing else to add.  I just wanted to type "salsify-worthy verisimilitude" again.

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