Monday, May 18, 2009

Red Bananas רױטע באַנאַנעס

די אָ רױטע באַנאַנעס האָב איך געקױפֿט מיט מער װי אַ װאָך צוריק. זײ זענען, דאַכט זיך מיר, נאָך נישט צײַטיק, אָבער װי אַזױ זאָל איך װיסן? זײ זענען דאָך פּערפּל!

I got these purple bananas (commonly called “red bananas”) more than a week ago, and they still seem unripe, but how can I tell? They are purple, for crying out loud!



Blogger Leyele said...

Eve, they start to darken and then blacken eventually, just like yellow bananas. Open one and find out. If it's not exactly ripe, sautee it in butter and salivate, then eat.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Alima Bell said...

I love banana! but I haven’t try red banana, they look delicious. I tried red bananas for the first time a few month back and I am hooked! They have an almost cinnamon-like flavor to them! The red bananas I ate were sweet, pale yellow in color and longer than my palm. I wonder if they have been cross-bred with our local bananas.

7:44 AM  

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