Friday, June 30, 2006

Green Garlic Plants

They are about four or five feet from bulb to scape.

Kimchi progress:
I have strained and rinsed the cabbage, and added the other ingredients, following this recipe, except that I did not use any kimchi sauce. For the red pepper, I used two tablespoons of cayenne and about 7 whole red dried chiles, which I pureed along with the garlic (see above) and ginger. I did wear gloves to do the mixing.

Now comes the hard part—four days with no snacking.

I also prepared this very interesting and unusual beet palyaa from Sugar and Spice.


Blogger mzn said...

When I was kimchi crazy a few months ago I would try it every few hours beginning about a day after assembly to chart its progress. It does improve with age.

I have made it with dried chile flakes and with Korean red pepper and didn't notice much difference.

6:27 PM  

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