Thursday, June 11, 2009

Intriguing Street Names of New York Part VI

Troon Road, Jamaica Estates, Queens

I took a ride to the farthest-out reaches of our farthest-out borough yesterday and came upon Troon Road. This word makes me thing of small, furry and highly intelligent space aliens, but it is in fact the Dutch word for throne, appropriately enough for Queens.
I still get lost trying to find my way back from Queens, but I have learned one thing. If you come to a sign that says "Welcome to Great Neck," you are going the wrong way, unless of course you live in Great Neck, in which case welcome home.
If you find yourself in these parts, don't miss the mango pudding at Buddha Bodai.

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Blogger Lao Qiao said...

Wouldn't Tottenville, at the southern tip of Staten Island, be the farthest out reaches of the farthest out borough?

3:15 PM  
Blogger the chocolate lady מרת שאקאלאד said...

san lao qiao,

I was thinking this, but if your origin point is City Hall or Wall Street, or even Washington Square, eastern Queens is farther in linear miles. Tottenville is farther away cognitively, but probably an easier bicycle ride, since you get to cover about a third of the distance on the ferry.

6:55 PM  

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