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אײַנגעװיקלט און אָנגעפֿילט אױף פּורים Things Stuffed into Other Things for Purim

 חול־המועד פּורים
 kholamoyed purim
When pigs fly (lit: the intermediate days of Purim)

אָן קנײדלעך איז נישט קײן פּסח; אָן קרעפּלעך איז נישט קײן פּורים
On kneydlekh iz nisht keyn peysekh; on kreplekh iz nisht keyn purim
It ain't peysekh without kneydlekh and it ain't purim without kreplekh

און אָט האָט עץ אַלע צונױפֿגעזאַמלטע המנטאַש־רעצעפּטן
 And here, for your convenience, is a round-up of all Hamentash-related recipes:

Inside-Out Pumpkin Hamentashn (Pumpkin Seed Pastry with Pumpkin Filling)

Pumpkin Hamentashn (with Pumpkin Seed Filling)

Carrot Filling

Chocolate Dough (English)

Vegan Gluten-Free Hamentash Dough

Vegan Gluten-Free Hamentash Dough
(Yiddish) װעגאַן טײג

Chocolate Dough (Yiddish)

Apricot Filling

Poppy Seed Filling

White Poppy Seed Filling

Hemp Seed Filling

Povidl (Prune Filling)

פּאָװידלע Prune Filling (Yiddish)

 Our Homentashn episode:


The other food associated with Purim is kreplekh, pierogi, pelmeni, or vareniki
Here is our kreplekh episode:

And here is our varenikes episode.  It was our very first!

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