Thursday, November 29, 2012

פֿאַניִאַ לעװאַדאָס קאַװע מיט ‏געלכלעך ‏ ‏ Fania Lewando's Coffee with Yolks

While intensely sweet, this coffee is one of the delightful surprises of Fania Lewando's Vegetarian Cookbook, forthcoming with the help of heaven this year.  This is a delicious hot foamy drink. The yolks are, if anything, a more perfect companion to coffee than cream, yielding a satiny non-dairy alternative to cappuccino.  At first I thought adding some cream would make it even better, but it is entirely unnecessary. The coffee and yolks are perfect on their own.

קאַװע מיט  ‏געלכלעך
‏אױפֿבריִען אין אַ קאַװע־קריגל אײן גלאָז װאַסער מיט דרײַ לעפֿעלעך געמאָלענע גוטע קאַװע. צערײַבן ביז װײַס 2 געלכלעך מיט 2 לעפֿעלעך צוקער און אַרױפֿגיסן אױף דעם די דורכגעזײטע אױפֿגעבריטע קאַװע, מישנדיק די גאַנצע צײַט. ‏
Coffee with Egg Yolks
Brew coffee from one cup of water and three tablespoons good ground coffee.  Beat two egg yolks with two tablespoons sugar until pale, and pour in the brewed coffee, whisking constantly.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pick the Prettiest Pumpkin

The prettiest pumpkin will get filled with a challah, onion, and sage stuffing, and the two runners-up will get to be  pumpkin pie, chocolate pumpkin pie, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin kernik, pumpkin challah, Yiddish pumpkin challah, balsamic braised pumpkin (English recipe pending), and pumpkin papardelle (watch this space), and so on, but which is the prettiest?  Vote in the comments section.  If you are reading this via email, click here, and then click on comment.

 Pumpkin 1 is a Jarrahdale with lovely wide, even lobes.

 Pumpkin 2 is a Marina di Chioggia.  The elegant dark green rind is almost black.

I'm not sure what Pumpkin 3 is, but the swooping swan's-neck stem makes it a contender.